Online grammar checkers are a savior for all writers, bloggers, and students for instant grammar checking solutions. Grammarly is one of the most advanced online grammar checkers that is used by a majority of writers and also by students.

The Grammarly free trial version quickly proofreads your text; detects the grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes with corrective suggestions; and also helps in plagiarism check to ensure your content is 100% original. The premium version Grammarly cost has different subscription plans for advanced level grammar checking.

Like Grammarly, there are few other websites as well which also efficient online grammar checkers are. Let’s have a look into details.

  1. WhiteSmoke

This is the finest paid alternative for Grammarly. It easily integrates with Microsoft Word and Outlook and performs an in-depth grammar, spelling, punctuation and plagiarism check with a proper explanation for learning. It is compatible with all browsers and is available in both Desktop version and mobile application. Apart from the grammar checking, it also assists you with sentence style enhancements, dictionary, thesaurus, and text to word translator for more than 55 languages.

  1. Ginger

This is another good website just like Grammarly offering both free trial and premium version. The website features Ginger Grammar checking tool available in the US and IK language and is easily compatible with all browsers. It instantly corrects all your grammatical, spelling, punctuation mistakes, and also helps in style enhancements. The Ginger software also comes with a translator supporting 40 languages and dictionary to improve your vocabulary. However, it does not check plagiarism.   

  1. ProWriting Aid

This is a wonderful Grammar checker tool just like Grammarly but comes in the paid version. It is compatible with all browsers and also comes with an add-on for chrome. You can have a free trial of its premium version to explore its features. It provides a fast editing tool with an excellent proofreader suggesting more than 1000 style improvements, grammatical error checks, punctuation and spelling check, vocabulary enrichment, and an in-depth plagiarism checker.

  1. PaperRater

This website uses AI-based algorithms and Data science to analyze your submitted content and with its cloud-based software, it instantly detects your grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors with corrective suggestions. It gives a detailed analysis report for each category. For the plagiarism, the basic version gives you the percentage of originality. To know about the duplicate sources you need to subscribe premium version.

  1. SlickWrite

This one is excellent for Students as well as writing professional to learn grammar. It comes with a free to use text editor where you can just copy and paste your content to check for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. It helps in improving content readability by detecting long sentences and also helps you improve vocabulary by pointing out outdated words and suggesting alternative synonyms through associated online dictionary and thesaurus. You can’t check plagiarism here.