The subject of one’s IQ can make anyone anxious if they feel that their own IQ score is inadequate, with or without evidence of it being so.

After all, a person’s IQ score is only a reflection of how they did well on the day that they took and completed the IQ test. Depending on the circumstances, such as the test taker being unmotivated and couldn’t concentrate on that day or maybe if they had an extra day to practice or review, perhaps their score could have been better.

However, if you are of those who think that your IQ isn’t as good as it should be and that it needs a boost, here are a few websites that you can utilize so that you can be assured that whether or not you have a good or less-than-desirable score, you are able to improve it if given the opportunity and the tools to do so.

  • Lumosity

Essentially, IQ tests are designed to make good use of standardized tests to measure a person’s intelligence, and as a result, being able to understand and master the subjects of these tests, whether it be math or word problems, should be the first step that you have to take.

This is where Lumosity comes in.

Although the site utilizes ‘games’ as a medium to improve a person’s cognitive capabilities, this site shouldn’t be underestimated as more than 20 peer-reviewed publications in academic journals showed that Lumosity games or assessments can significantly improve one’s cognitive performance.

Lumosity does this by researching cognitive training exercises and adapting them into easy-to-learn brain games that can help an individual improve their problem-solving, arithmetic/math skills, spatial reasoning, logical reasoning, reading comprehension skills, and others.

  • TED

For those that are confident in their problem solving or academic skills but find it difficult on how to write well-constructed essays or opinions with valid points, TED is the website for you.

Despite being a nonprofit organization, TED provides hundreds of thought-provoking videos containing presentations on a variety of subjects from health to climate change.

These videos, usually 10 to 25 minutes in length, come from people of all walks of life although most of these presentations are given by renowned or established experts in their fields such as Carl H. June, MD., an American immunologist and oncologist that is known for his research into T cell therapies for the treatment of cancer, and Bill Gates, founder of the Microsoft Corporation.

  • Prepterminal

A course and assessment preparation site, Prepterminal contains information and practice tests that are utilized by numerous companies in the U.S. including the Cubiks test, the Bennett Mechanical Aptitude Test, and the Predictive Index Learning Indicator.

By utilizing the practice tests available on the site, which contains questions from a variety of subjects from reading comprehension to spatial reasoning.

These questions are also typically encountered in your standard IQ or psychometric tests as well with very little difference, so in addition of being able to prepare yourself to do better in an IQ test, you will also learn how to pass these assessment and psychometric tests in case you have to take them in the future.


For those who are confident in their memorization skills but need something to boost their thinking skills, Riddles is the site to go.

The site contains thousands of riddles, brainteasers, puzzles, and quizzes, both user-submitted and site-created to tickle your brain and challenge your way of thinking on how to solve these problems.

Although people and society sometimes make one’s IQ some sort of a big deal over nothing, one thing that you should always remember is that a person’s IQ is never set in stone and that they always have the ability to improve.