Best Smart Home Devices

If you’ve started automating your home, you already know about the cool and convenient ways that you can connect smart devices around the house. Smart home technology is growing more and more popular, especially since smart hubs and speakers like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant came around.

There are plenty of ways you can automate your home, with lots of new smart devices on the market. Whether you want your home totally automated with a smart hub to connect everything, or you’re just interested in a few devices, check out some of the best smart home devices available today.

Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2019:

  1. Smart Light Bulbs
  2. Smart Thermostats
  3. Smart Security Systems
  4. Smart Plugs
  5. Smart Pet Gadgets

Smart Light Bulbs

We’ve all been there: you’re laying in bed, ready to fall asleep, but you have to get up to turn off the light. With smart lighting, you can stay in that comfortable spot in bed and turn off the lights from your home or smart hub device.

The best smart light bulbs have a host of features. Generally, any smart light bulb can be controlled from an app on your phone or through a smart hub if it’s paired to your Alexa or Google Nest. Other features include scheduled on and off timers, mood lighting, color changing bulbs, and even geofencing – when the bulb senses that you aren’t in the room, it can turn off to save energy. Some can be connected to a smart security system to turn on and scare off any potential intruders.

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are various options for smart lighting. The Phillips Hue White light bulb is a flexible and versatile choice that is well-rated. Other LED options include color changing bulbs, if that’s what you’re looking for. Shop around to find the right pick for you, based on the features that you’re looking for.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have been around a little longer than some of the other latest smart technology, but they remain popular for good reason. This piece of smart gear is extremely useful and convenient. With a smart thermostat, you can change the temperature of your house from your phone or schedule it’s temperature. That way, you can save energy and still come home to a perfectly warm or cool home.

In the winter, use a smart thermostat to turn up the heat before you get home. In the summer, turn on the AC so that you’re cool upon arrival. This gadget keeps your home at a comfortable temperature and also saves energy and energy costs.

Our favorite smart thermostat is the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, but there are great options from Google, Honeywell, and more.

Smart Security Systems

Home security is an important safety concern, so smart security systems have grown in popularity. Whether you opt for a simple wireless camera set up or a full security system, the technology has advanced. With wireless security systems, you can monitor your home from an app on your smartphone.

If you hear a bump in the night, rest assured that everything is safe by checking from your phone. Some of the best wireless camera options come from Arlo, while those looking for a full security system should check out the options from SimpliSafe.

Smart Plugs

Want to turn any small device in your home into a smart device? Hook them up to a smart outlet! With smart plugs, any device can be automated into your smart home. Smart plugs can connect to an app on your phone or to a smart hub if you have one. From the app, or with your voice, you can control that outlet. They also monitor and lower energy usage.

With smart plugs, you can turn non-smart devices on and off. That way, you don’t have to buy all new products to automate your home. You can even create a schedule for when you want certain plugs to turn on. With this function, you can do things like schedule your coffee pot so you wake up to a fresh pot, schedule air conditioners or space heaters, and much more.

There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on what functions you’re looking for in a smart plug. One of our favorites comes from TP-Link – these smart plugs have an easy to use app, connect with Google or Amazon hubs, and are easy to schedule.

Smart Pet Gadgets

Pet lovers can rest easy with some of the latest pet tech gear. There are automated pet feeders, self-cleaning litter boxes, and more. Our favorite new piece of pet tech gear is the pet camera.

The best pet cameras allow you to check in on your furry friends when you’re not home. Some have two-way audio, so you can hear if your dog barks and check in on them. Pet cameras have evolved from basic security cameras to include features like treat tossing, laser games, and even two-way video to video chat with your pet. Depending on the features you’re looking for and your price range, there are plenty of great options to keep an eye on your pets.

Automate Your Home with Smart Home Tech

Check out these smart home gadgets and more to automate your home! With all the exciting new smart technology, it’s easy to set up a smart home and add convenience to your daily life.