How To Stream Pc Files From Android Phone

Are you getting bored? Then let’s do something tricky. You might hear that read files which are stored in a computer from our android phone. You think how we can do this? It’s right we can stream pc screen to android with Android Application called ES-FILE EXPLORER. There are a lot of ways are available but this one is the easiest way, therefore, I decided to share with you.

Sometimes we were sited on the bed and we wanted to view file which is stored on the computer. It is the long process to copy files from PC to phone via USB cable. Now to access PC files, you don’t need any cable this will do by only with an internet connection.

Your phone and your computer must be connected to the same wifi network. For this trick, we need up of our PC and ES-FILE EXPLORER application this application you can download from play store. So first let’s look at how to see IP address of the computer.

How To View IP of Our Computer

First of all,  we will show you how to see IP address on windows operating system. This is only for Windows PC for Mac and other computers. Also, it will write in upcoming posts. Anyhow to view your IP follow bellows steps.

  • Press Windows + R button from the keyboard, after pressing this run box will open.
  • Type CMD in the run box and hit the enter button.
  • Now you can see the command prompt. Type ipconfig this command in command prompt.
  • IP will be displayed on screen note down this IP of your computer.

This is permanent IP of your computer note down for further use. Now we have completed the half process.

How To Stream Pc Files from Android Phone With ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is one of the most popular file managers for android. In some android phones, manufacturers didn’t provide file manager like moto g3 turbo at this situation we need to install file manager apps like ES File Explorer to access stored files. This App is free to use you can download from play store free of cost and install on your Android smartphone. Follow bellows instructions.

  • Install and open ES File Explorer on your Android phone.
  • Go on your pc and select the folder in which files are stored.
  • Do right click on that folder, go to properties and click on sharing option.
  • In sharing option click share button, after clicked share button sharing window will open and you will be asked for sharing group select everyone and click on add and then click on share.
  • Now go to networks and sharing center and click on change advanced sharing settings.
  • Turn off password protected sharing and click on save changes.

So far we had given access permission from PC now all we need to do is just access that files and folders from our phone.

Accessing Shared Folders on Android

To access shared folders on android, we are going to use ES-File Explorer you can download it from play store at free of cost. I have already installed it. So let’s install es explorer app on your android, open it and follow bellows instructions.

  1. Tap on top left corner and select LAN.
  2. Tap the Scan button and ES File Explorer will scan your network for Windows computers sharing files.
  3. Find your computers ip address and tap on it.

Now you can see what folders and files, you can just stream those files and folders by just tapping on it.

I hope you have liked this post and now you understand how to stream PC files from the android phone. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with your friends.  Subscribe our blog to get latest posts email notification direct to your inbox.