8 Best Speed Up Apps For Android to Internet Access

Currently, 3G / 4G network technology is available, which will allow you to have fast Internet access, there’s nothing wrong if you still want to increase the speed of the Internet to be faster without long loading. For Internet users in rural areas, the application below might be very useful to try. Here are 8 Speed Up Android Apps that can help maximize your Internet speed.

Best Speed Up Apps For Android to Internet Access

  1. Internet Booster & Optimizer

This application is presented with features and functions to prioritize browser applications from other applications that also use Internet access. So, when you use a browser, other applications will temporarily be locked. In addition, Internet Booster & Optimizer also functions to clean RAM, cache memory and flushes DNS. Some of these functions are useful for ensuring that Internet resources are only used specifically for browsers.

  1. 2x internet faster

Faster Internet is designed to double Internet speed for network connections on 3G and 4G. 2x Internet Faster is designed with special programming to increase Internet speed by 2x the normal speed. This application can also be run on Android devices that have not yet been rooted. How to use it also only by tap. It’s easy?

  1. Internet Speed Booster

Internet Speed Booster is included in an application that is easy to use because it has a very simple design. You can simply tap on the available menu to activate and deactivate this application. This special algorithm embedded on Internet Speed Booster is able to increase the speed of the Internet on your Android device.

  1. Internet Booster (root)

Internet Booster (root) uses different methods in utilizing available Internet resources. So, basically, this application only changes the system ROM configuration to increase Internet speed of 40 to 70 percent higher than the available speed. Since this application must manipulate the ROM system, before using this application, make sure your Android device is in root condition.

  1. Free Internet Speed Booster

Free Internet Speed Booster can increase your Android’s Internet speed by 40 to 80 percent of its original speed. The method of this application is by increasing ping latency, stopping unnecessary background applications, and managing between parallel connections that are used simultaneously on an Android device.

  1. Internet Speed Booster 3G / 4G

This application is enabled to increase Internet speed which is equivalent to 3G / 4G networks. So, for those of you who are in the interior, it might be suitable for this application. The Internet Speed Booster 3G / 4G can increase Internet speed of 30 to 40 percent than before.

  1. Internet Speed Master

Internet Speed Master is an application that has installed more than 1 million Android users worldwide. The way these application works is by adjusting TCP / IP settings and modifying file systems to increase Internet speed on Android devices. Before using this application, you are advised to back up the content of your Android device first. This application is also designed to fit almost all types of ROM on Android.

  1. 3G Speed Booster

The last internet booster application, 3G Speed Booster has a lightweight size but not inferior to other applications. The way 3G Speed Booster works is by scanning all applications that access the Internet in the background on your Android then deactivating unnecessary ones. That way, your internet speed will be stable and of course, so save your quota. This application can work efficiently only on 3G networks.


It should be noted that all applications mentioned above do not guarantee 100% of your Android internet speed can experience a significant increase. Because, there are many things that can affect the speed of the Internet such as weather, or the geographical conditions where you live. So, the application above is only able to maximize your internet speed.