Acestream is a multimedia platform for video streaming. Torrent based technology the one that allows anyone to restream any source with the simplicity of a click. Endless entertainment in the form of free TV shows and movies is also at the top of the list. Just install this application on your device and install your third party streaming add-ons this will allow you a wide variety of content such as live sports, TV shows and movies.

Some of the good sports add-ons are very easy to install and use on Kodi. If you want another good site for streaming sports, TV shows and Movies than here are the top 5 best sites like Acestream Kodi live online for free that you can access it and enjoy a whole day with your favorite one.

1# Selfless Kodi Addon 

Selfless is the most well-known Kodi addon for free streaming live sporting events and replays. This site provides users is movies, live sports, TV shows and an extensive playlist which included USA channels,  Olympic games, live sports, movies and many more. Just download this application and enjoy this application. To use some categories, a separate add-on may be required.

2# Sports Devil

Sports Devil is a new all one Kodi addon that offers free live sports, TV shows, and more. This suit5e offers to users is a wide verity of IPTV HD sports streams. It has lived to archive this goal and many users are already ranking it among their favorite. The good thing is that this addon is readily available with the latest update being the unofficial sports devil pantry.

3# Chronos

 Chronos Kodi addon is a new IPTV service offering live sports, live TV, concerts, and more. Included in this add-on’s hurriedly expansive IPTV channels playlist are live TV, live sports, movies, concerts and so many more. This site may soon take the lead as the predominant Kodi IPTV channels resource. Chronos is a third party addon available for download on Kodi. This site offering to users is watching content in great picture definition to enjoy your whole day.

 4# Sport 365 Live

 Sport365 Kodi addon provide to users to watch live sports internationally. You can access the list of active streams displayed and click on the desired game link. The scraper code for sport365 is custom-built for the addon. For this reason, sport 365 appears to be a real winner. All content and data are grabbed from that site and the Kodi addon creator has no control or ownership over any of the streams.

5# cCloud TV

 cCloud TV contains almost all the live sports channels including IPTV sports, HBO, ESPN, TBS and so many other channels that you love to watch the whole day. On top of its holy V works right from your browser, so there is no need to run out your device and you do not have to go anywhere else to get your favorite one you will get them all in one place and, that too at the brilliant picture quality.

Important note

 These Kodi sports addons have some of the most authentic and HD quality streams available. Make sure to hide your location, identify, and activities online with a reliable and with VPN server such as the ones provided through the VPN app. If there is something problem while enjoying these site please share with us in the comment section.