Snapchat and Instagram when talking to professionals

If you run a B2B business, you may think that Snapchat and Instagram are not social networks made for you. And if you were wrong?

Snapchat and Instagram are 2 social networks that are distinguished by the high weight they give to images and visuals. Many B to B companies are very present such as General Electric’s, Hubspot, Fedex or MailChimp. Here are some examples of how to use Snapchat and Instagram to give you tips to exploit the potential of these social networks and reach your business customers.

1- Reinforce your brand image

Be careful, Snapchat and Instagram are not primarily intended to drain traffic to your website; their users will prefer to discover your business through the visuals you share with them. It is after having sharpened their curiosity with a funny, original and qualitative content that they will be able to turn towards your site to discover your editorial contents and your offers.

2- Give another life to your events

Snapchat allows you to live your events live in a much less formal way than conventional social networks. Feel free to abuse filters, emojis widely used on these networks. You can do the same thing in Instagram stories.

Highlight your satisfied customers

If you do not have enough photographic content to fuel your accounts, consider sharing the opinions of your satisfied customers and presenting your products. This will give a good image to potential prospects.

Find your customers of tomorrow

Snapchat has recently surpassed Twitter in the number of daily users. It is the most popular social network for teenagers and young adults. This is the social network to use to tame your customers of tomorrow. By ensuring your company’s presence on Snapchat and Instagram, you’ll also help build your brand, and you’ll be able to attract new talent when you need to strengthen your teams. Considering a presence on these two social networks is essential given their place in the current landscape, but you must consider it first and foremost as a way to increase the notoriety of your company more than as a sales channel.

Refuse the content of your customers

Internet users are much more sensitive to consumer photos than to your own photos when it comes to making a buying decision. How to turn this in your favour?

You may have customers who are on Instagram and who are already posting photos of the products they bought from you. Feel free to repost this content on your profile without forgetting to quote your customers in these posts.

This type of photo plays the role of testimonials and shows that your products already enjoy. Your Instagram profile takes less advertising, more personal, more authentic turn. Your real Instagram followers will be more likely to identify with this type of posts than yours, more controlled, more neutral.

To find this kind of photos, do not hesitate to search for the hashtag of your brand. You can also offer one for your customers to reuse.

Instagram is really one of the best platforms to generate sales. You now know how to exploit this potential to highlight your products in order to facilitate the transition to purchase for your subscribers.