How Internet Cookies Work and its Importance

When we talk about Internet Cookies, there are several questions comes to our mind that What is Internet Cookies?  How does it work? How far it is Important?. So, To answer these very basic question about Internet Cookies this article definitely help you. Basically, Internet Cookies are the text files. Which facilitates the identification of the user based on their information, preferences and also provide personalization of various websites. Internet cookies are also called HTTP cookies.

What are Internet Cookies or HTTP Cookies?

Internet Cookies or HTTP Cookies are the text files which facilitates the identification of user over the website with their appropriate information. Basically, it is a text message that is less than 255 characters long. It is a piece of text which is sent by server PC to the client’s PC.

what are Internet Cookies or HTTP Cookies?

Why Cookies Technology used or Why it is Important?

Most of the people consider Internet cookies to be a virus, but it is not so. There are some reasons which help us to know why it is important and the reasons are:

  • Cookies are meant to identify the particular user. When the user logs into the website for the very first time, Cookie is made by the server which is sent to the client’s PC through HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) and next time user need not authenticate again the Cookies can let know the website about the client’s information, which is required by website. Thus it makes not to fill up the information each time by user or client.
  • The second reason is that Cookie technology is used to differentiates the website users. or we can say This makes possible the website personalization to the user based on the preferences of the particular user. Many websites offer the facility to customize the web pages as per users requirement.

How do Internet Cookies work?

As we know that the basic transfer of files between the client and the server occurs through HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol). User requests for a particular webpage from the server and then the server sent the page to the user. The response is in the form of a packet of text. This packet of text may have statement asking the browser to save Cookie. It can be done by means of  “Set-Cookie: name=value” then browser save this string and return it to the server when further request made to it.

Advantages of  HTTP cookies:

  • Tract of visitors
  • Personalization of websites
  • To implement E-commerce applications like a shopping cart.

Disadvantages of HTTP Cookies:

  • Vulnerable to Cookie Hijacking.
  • May contain Virus scripts.
  • Not properly stored or Manipulated.
  • So, This is all about the basics of HTTP Cookies.