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Buying a gaming monitor might be a difficult task due to numerous options that are available today.  Over the last five years, countless feature additions to gaming monitors have left gamers spoilt for choices.  High resolutions, better and bigger panels and more inputs, monitors have become better and better with each passing day. However, which parameters are important for you and really needed are not easy to decide especially if you are not a gamer or a newbie. To make things easy, you can seek guidance from informative websites like Gaming Rig review blog that provides good learning to make the task of selection easy.

Besides improved resolution, high refresh rate matters most for gaming monitors. The higher is the refresh rate better is the motion display that captures the speed of the games in its truest form.  Serious gamers need the best motions for which they must know exactly how the refresh rate expressed in Hz (Hertz) translates into a superior gaming experience.  If you are expecting improvement in color accuracy and resolution, then you must know that the refresh rate has nothing to do with it.

Refresh rate

Speed and not performance are the outcome of improved refresh rate, and it is different from the speed of processors also expressed in Hz that points to the performance of computers in terms of clock speed. As the name signifies, the refresh rate is the number of times a display refreshes the image every second. The number of frames displayed determines how smoothly the motion of the visuals transfer on the screen. However, the refresh rate is a property of the monitor whereas the frame rate relates to the information that reaches the monitor.

Ideally, the selection of frames per second must match with the refresh rate to produce the perfect synchronization that translates into a smooth gaming experience. The higher the FPS higher should be the refresh rate, but for lower FPS the refresh rate does not matter at all.

Motion resolution

Coming to terms with the terminology used for defining the characteristics of gaming monitors is essential for doing a good selection that justifies the investment. The perfect matching of FPS with the refresh rate of the monitor like matching 100FPS with 120Hz refresh rate will greatly improve the sharpness of moving images. Blurring is the effect of the human brain’s incapacity to process the set of individual frames displayed on the monitor. High refresh rate decreases the blur as the brain receives more information to act upon.

Screen Tearing

The mismatch between the rate at which the computer spits out frames on the monitor and the refresh rate of the monitor can result in screen tearing. The phenomenon becomes evident when you see half frames encroaching on the screen that demonstrates a split between the two kinds of images thrust on the screen both of which are quite misaligned.

The input response of the computer has a direct relation to the refresh rate. Higher refresh rate means lower input lag which becomes a determinant factor for enjoying ultra-competitive gaming.