baby songs

Have you ever tried to calm an upset baby, most people know how to do it instantly- rocking, cooing, hushing and of course singing!

Singing to a baby works wonders, and you will notice the difference in mood immediately after you start to sing!

Across the globe, singing has always been magical for babies even when they are still inside the womb. Babies respond positively to songs, and this is why they love music so much.

The benefits of singing to babies:

Child experts say that song are the first language lessons that parents teach their children. Later when they grow older, they learn toddler songs taught to them by their teachers. However, in most nations of the world, researchers say that emphasis is being made on writing and reading for kids at a tender age. They are not exposed to songs as much as they should be. It is here that parents should understand the importance of singing to their babies from an early age.

Reduce language problems in life

Songs and music help children develop motor skills and cognitive function. They learn words and tunes. Songs often prompt babies to nod their heads or sway their hands as they respond to the rhythm and the tune positively. Singing also reduces the risks of language problems in life.

The impact of infant-directed songs

Babies start to respond to sound at around 25 weeks. Parents and child specialists talk to babies in a sing-song way. When you sing or interact with babies with baby songs the arousal levels of the child increases. This leads to parent-child bonding. Songs have the ability to change the mood of the baby especially when it comes to sleeping and feeding. Singing catches the attention and the focus of the baby and this, in turn, makes him/her feel special. Since babies are not used to the ways of the world, they feel secure when they hear the voices of their parents. The bond and sense of security increases when you sing to them. In short, singing songs to your child largely increases their growth and development.

Even if you cannot sing, do so because your baby loves the sound of your voice

Most parents are conscious of the fact they are not good singers. This should never stop you from singing to your little one. You do not have to be an amazing singer to connect with your child. Your baby just needs to hear the sound of your voice. When you are busy with household chores, you can always play CDs that have baby songs on them.

Therefore, if you wish to boost your baby’s cognitive skills and language, singing to your child will work wonders. As your child becomes older, introduce him/her to nursery rhymes so that both of you can sing along together and deepen the special parent-child relationship further. Buy music CDs with songs for babies and toddlers- your little one will love listening to them with glee!