The touch bar on MacBook Pro is located at the top right corner above the delete option. Many users ignore the usage of the touch bar and consider it an unwanted feature on macBook. But after reading this blog, you will fall in love with this amazing feature. As you can operate many options easily with a touch bar which takes a long time when you click through the mouse. Let’s know what are those options and how to MacBook pro touch bar can make your task easy;

  1. Use Calculator

Just like a numeric keypad, you can solve math problems with the touch bar too. There are options like percentage, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction, and total (=) will be displayed on the screen when you open the calculator. Now all you need to do is ask for your query and get a quick answer for your problem. Importantly, there is no need to use a traditional numeric keypad.

  1. Use Predictive Text

If you are using an iPhone, predictive texts serve you great help. As there is no need to learn to spell and you will get good command over eye-catchy words. Similarly, when you are typing some text, you will see the predictive text on the touch bar. It helps you to reply faster with the right word selection.

  1. Replace Siri with Lock Screen or Sleep

Touch bar can customize the way you want. You can add, remove or rearrange items from the bar to make a by default setting. It gives you easy access to the screen and functional areas. So, if you plan to rearrange by default touch bar, click on “Customize Control Strip” then remove unwanted items from the screen. For instance, if you do not want Siri, replace it with a lock screen for a more convenient option.

  1. Skip Digging Through Menus

The contextual menus list is never stable. As it gets changed depending on the last click. So, you can go with the recently used apps and formatting options. For instance, font and text can also be predicted on the touch menu depending on the last usage.

  1. Preview and Edit your Photos

Taking a picture preview and editing your images with a touch bar is a game of a few seconds. Everything is available in front of you all you need is to operate the functions. If something like apps is missing do not forget to install apps and then use the Touch Bar. You can adjust colors, photo size, filters, and more. When you will use the preview option, you can easily figure out the effects of changes after editing.

  1. Use of iMessage

If you want to give a prompt answer to your messages, choosing a touch bar helps to give a fast reply. As discussed earlier, when you are typing text, the touch bar helps to predict text and makes your typing speed faster like the iPhone. But, before trying to operate the touch bar, find out whether you have installed the iMessage app on Mac or not. If not then click here to get assistance for the iMessage app set up. You can also send emojis for effective communication. Remember, whether you are using a macbook for personal or professional use, every message can be replied to more quickly than opening emails.

  1. Quick access to F1 to F12 buttons

Buttons like Esc, F1 to F12 are no more physically available on your screen. But if you want to operate them, click on the Fn key at the bottom of the keyboard, the list will appear on your screen. Use them the way you want to use them.

  1. Increase or Decrease The Media Level

The touch Bar in the MacBook Pro also allows you to set sound at various levels. If you want to listen to more beats, create a masterpiece layer by dialing the button. You can also reduce in the same way

  1. Ask Siri To Take Screenshots

Screenshots without a touch bar can be a daunting task. You need to go through the number of options then give a command. But with the touch bar, all you need to do is press Siri Button and give the command for screenshots. It will take a few seconds and all your work will be saved without moving through various options.

  1. Buy stuff with Touch ID

Online shopping becomes easier with the macbook pro touch bar. Just like you are buying from your mobile phone and scanning your finger for authentication. You can now scan your finger to pay online merchants. Just add banking or credit card details to define payment gateways. All your transactions can be completed in a few seconds.

  1. Watching Media Files

While watching videos on YouTube or other media files, rewinding and forwarding with a mouse are the hardest jobs. Sometimes, it takes to next or back. But with the touch bar, you can easily operate the functions. Meanwhile, you can see the timings and from where you want to see the content. The real-time changing moment helps to give a smoother experience. Remember, this function is located under the control strip, click on the arrow and get the command over skipping.

  1. Trackpad + Touch bar

You can use the trackpad and touch bar simultaneously. Even if you want to use them individually, these also work fine. But when you work with both improves your work speed. The simultaneous option is used in the case of editing pictures or playing games.

  1. Quick Brightness Adjustment

If you want to adjust quickly to brightness, then nothing is better than using a touch bar. A click on a media file helps to increase or decrease media volume. And a click on brightness mode improves or decreases the brightness. You can choose the right mode of screen shade depending on needs.

Bottom Line

Hope the above cool ways of using the touch bar will help you to work quickly on your favorite macbook. So, try this one, you will surely fall in love with the amazing benefits. The best part is that not only inbuilt software, but you can also operate several downloaded apps with a touch bar.