SEO is something you cannot overlook when it comes to online businesses and maintaining websites. There are several factors about SEO that are still unknown to people. This is a vast subject with never ending discussions. Today, in this post we are going to discuss the influencer marketing and its impact on SEO.

There are various statements which confirm that ‘sponsored’ links from the influencers can impact negatively on your SEO because Google does not consider them as naturally earned web links. So, the question is whether it is true. What can you do to enjoy influencer marketing facilities without negatively affecting your SEO?

Of course, this is a very irritating part of Google’s guidelines and SEO. It is very true that Google does not consider this kind of links as natural. It considers such links as ‘paid’ and expects the individuals to place nofollow on them.

It is undoubtedly true that influencer marketing is one of the best ways of driving extra views to your website. Paying the influencers in return of their services is something common. You can do this by offering your services or products at free of cost, which is one of the most demanding strategies that predates today’s internet world. The FTC guidelines state the rule and regulations regarding product and service offers to be promoted or reviewed. Before embarking on such influencer marketing campaigns, make sure you properly go through the guidelines in details. You need to keep in mind that all influencers will not link to your website and it is quite possible that some of them may even not wish to promote your products by telling about them to their followers.

You have to offer the product with the hope that they will provide you with positive reviews or make a video about the same. They can even use the same in any of their upcoming projects, which is not at all different from the very fact that they have purchased it from the store and preferred to use it themselves.

The Google guidelines are considered irrational because they do not have any way to understand the scenario. Now, that’s completely different if you willingly put a post on your site stating that individuals can enjoy the service and products for free if they provide a 5-star rating for the same.

But if you prefer the real influencer marketing where your primary intention is to expand the audience base, and you give second thoughts to the reviews and links – there are no such ways in which Google can penalise you for this.

In the present era of links, it is not even possible for you to understand if Google decides to avoid considering a specific link. So, as long as you are not flouting the fact that you are breaking the guidelines or undergoing manual actions in the Google search console, continue with the influencer marketing strategies just like the way you want.

If you’re comfortable, you can even follow the guidelines and request them to follow the links. Some of them will rather insist you on using this, while others may not have any idea about it at all. Ultimately, the thing is that you can ask someone – there is no way that you can control the website of an influencer because it belongs to him. But speaking frankly, if you have the goal of expanding the influencers rather than just getting the links, you will be completely fine with this.

Influencer marketing – All about building relationships

When you have a website, it is necessary to develop a relationship with the niche influencers, which is a slow but gradual process. You can start by simply mentioning about them in your comments or commenting on the posts they make. This may develop into asking those questions, providing suggestions to them as well as their readers. In case you end up providing valuable assistance, then it is quite possible that you will get into the notice of the influencers. They might even share your material through their social media networking accounts. This means they are directly sending individuals in your direction without having any direct relationship. They will recognize you as a valuable advisor, thus prefer to tell about you to their followers. You should keep cultivating influencers or relationships over the long-term. The SEO will get to recognize these connections and even reward you for the same.

Should you pay? OR not to pay?

The real advantage of having a brand with a specific blog over a brand with no actual online presence is that the online organization has several options for developing the influencer relationships. It is quite common that just anyone can give anything to an influencer for talking good about their products, but if you can manage to give effort and time in developing the online relationships, is it quite possible that your influencers may help you out without charging anything.

To be worthwhile, any influencer you prefer to work with needs to have a good pool of audiences who are interested to know about your product or service. On the other hand, Google is also updated enough to understand if you are using any wrongly targeted influencer.

If you can use influencer marketing effectively, you can make the maximum out of it. Some of the benefits of influencer marketing are as follows:

  • It helps to strengthen the link profile
  • Increases brand visibility as well as boost engagements
  • Ensure a proper stream of unique contents

So if you are not into influencer marketing yet, you are missing a lot. Start it today, even you have a small budget to work with. Micro influencers are just another section that can help individuals having a small fund for influence marketing. They have a small but highly engaged group of audiences. Contact SEO Sydney to garner the maximum benefits of search engine optimization.

If you want to know more about the importance of influencers marketing and how you should follow it to ensure that Google does not penalize you, continue reading the other posts in the blog section.