best spy gadgets of 2019 that you will ever need

Spying is not a new thing, though it has been in the news lately. Let’s us forget about the news; we are not here to discuss that! Spying has been around since time immemorial, and it is this collection of “intel” that has always aided the side of eventually winning any political or domestic battle. If you are a fan of Hollywood flicks and the spy movies especially, chances are you have come across many spying devices.

To know more about spy gadgets and the price point for the entire host of them visit Spy Centre today! In the following, we will be presenting a comprehensive list of devices keeping up with the current trends for the year 2019. This is your chance to feel like your favorite spy hero or detective and have a taste of what it feels like to exercise the power of information.

As always keep an open eye about the legalities of the issue at hand. Which means it might not be legal to use certain devices depending on the country and the state of your residence. It is a great idea to know more about the laws and legislation with respect to spying to avoid run-ins with law enforcement personnel or a criminal charge.

So let us have a look at the devices,

A car tracker

If you are trying to track your own car in case of a theft or a target car, a car tracker may be the ideal solution. A car tracker is a device which comes with a build in GPS to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle at any given time. A car tracker usually has a magnet to attach itself to the body of the car. The only trick is to place the car tracker without the owner coming to know about it and doing it as unobtrusively as possible. Our experts also advise you to go for a car tracker that is waterproof.

The drone camera

The armed forces or the law enforcement personnel usually employ these tactical. The drone’s cameras are capable of long flight durations and can climb up to great height and still provide high def video and images. There are civilian varieties that you can go for as well which will serve the purpose of spying on a target as sincerely as you want it to be.

A three-axis gimbal drone is more stable, and you can attach cameras for 4K, HD or low res variety depending on your requirement. The fun part, most will never suspect your intention as individuals will be busy thinking you are testing out your new toy.

A cellphone spy reader

There are various spy readers available for cellphones, and these are usually priced according to the number of features they offer. Designed to keep tabs on spouses and kids, this device is the ultimate to spy on phone calls, texts, WhatsApp messages, and Facebook logins. You can go for the app variety, where you need to install the third party app into the victim’s phone.

You can even buy the hardware version of the device which can scan the sim card of the target phone and supply you with all the necessary data with respect to the calls, duration and text messages.

Car key chain spy camera

Yes, you read it right! A car key chain spy camera is just what it says on the tin. This device is a micro camera fitted on to a car key chain which is capable of clicking pictures and recording video footage along with audio. The resolution and storage capability functions are low, but this device is perfect for capturing and collecting evidence during any accident or carjacking attempts.

Spy camera glasses

Google Glass came out in the year 2018 and was quite a dud in terms of sales. It is due to that fact that the device was cumbersome and was not fit for practical usage. Instead, there are lighter versions available for the spy camera glasses. The primary advantage of such a device is that no one suspects a thing since glasses are such a common sight. However, the device has a powerful micro-camera mounted on the body of the glass which can record high-resolution images and audio continuously for 120 minutes.

The button camera

This one is straight of the detective novels and movie. The spy button camera resembles the button on your shirt, and you can record conversations, take pictures and record video of the person you are sitting with. The device is quite practical, but it does require a bit of getting used to top use without your target suspecting your motive.

Audio recorder with a USB drive

These days it is quite a common sight to be carrying around a USB device or a flash drive. However, a USB spy device has an audio recorder fitted on the board of the flash drive which enables the gadget to record high-quality audio. You can now spy on conversations and meetings and dump the recorded conversation and data into your personal computer as easy as plugging in a flash drive.

A Socket spy camera

A socket spy camera just looks like a power socket. This device is convenient, build like a tank and easy to maintain. You won’t need batteries since the device will draw its power from the AC main line at your place or the property you will spy on. Since the device looks like any other electrical socket, your target won’t ever suspect a thing. And lastly, the micro-camera fitted on this device is capable of taking high res video and image files that offer a lot of clarity, no pun intended! Another cool feature is the availability of motion sensors which means the camera becomes active once it detects motion in front of it.

Alarm clock spy camera

The alarm clock spy camera is just like the power socket spy camera. This device resembles a standard alarm clock, and the built-in camera has a motion sensor. The device is useful for capturing video, audio as well as images in high definition. There is also a remote control feature which means no more manually activating the camera for spying.

That concludes the list for the most popular choices of spy devices. Which one do you think will serve you the best?