Android Apps not found on Play Store

Android is an operating system that is currently being used by millions of users. Every year this user count is increasing rapidly. The main reason for this rapid increase in the number of Android users is its versatility and security. Different users can customize their Android smartphones as per their needs. You can completely change your Smartphone via some special application. These Applications are special because they aren’t approved by the Android Authorities because they don’t want us to alter the Android settings as per our needs. According to Android authorities, they have millions of Apps on their Play Store from where you can pick any of your desired application and can make your Android Smartphone Compatible.

But since, Play Store too have some guidelines that clearly indicate that any App that alters the settings of Android OS can’t be published on the Play Store. Ironically, the Apps that are there on the Play Store aren’t so capable to customize the Android Smartphone to a different level.

In order to give a new look or to perform some different actions that aren’t available on your Android Smartphone, you have to look on the Internet. Usually, it’s a big hustle to search the internet to get the desired product. Here Today I have saved some time of your clock and listed the 5 best Applications that will be handy for you if you want something more than the apps of Play Store of offering to you.

5 Applications that are not on Play Store


GBwhatsapp is an amazing MOD version of official WhatsApp in which it offers dozens of extra features than what official WhatsApp offers. It gives access to several locked features of official WhatsApp. If you want to get the experience of unrestricted usage of WhatsApp then you can give GBWhatsapp a try.


FireTube is an alternative or we can MOD version of YouTube. In FireTube you can enjoy all the premium features of YouTube for free. You might be familiar with the fact that YouTube had recently come up

With their premium packs in which you can play YouTube in the background but for that, you have to pay. Whereas on FireTube you can YouTube in the background for free.


The MiXplorer is a great file manager that is very compact and tiny in size and offers various unique features that another file manager doesn’t. it’s supports different could services so you need not look for some third-party cloud application in order to transfer your data from Smartphone to cloud servers. You can use MiXplorer if you are frequently using cloud servers.


AdAway is an open source application for Android users to block all sorts of Advertisements on their smartphones. Along with this AdAway is need rooted devices in order to make all the advertisements invisible from your Android Smartphone. So, all the rooted devices users must try AdAway at least once.


This is the best application if you are a music lover and interested in making your Smartphone audio crispier and louder. And Viper4Android directly alters that internal setting of the Smartphone in order to boost its Audio. Thus, for this Viper4Android needs rooted devices. If you have a rooted device then you can use Viper4Android.

These were the 5 Best Android Applications not found on Play Store. If you want me to add or remove any of the application then do connect to me through the comment section given below.