beauty brands on Instagram

Social media has been a part of our lives from many years. The game changed when Facebook stepped in. From connecting people to establish a good business on it people had a lot more benefits on it.

Many social applications started to launch but no one did beat Facebook. Some years later a new application named Instagram stepped in and voila! A whole new level of trend was set. People in a huge number started to put more interest in Instagram.

And today Instagram is the biggest application in social media fam. With its whole new level of features and benefits people turned to Instagram leaving their Facebook accounts which has became a bit boring. On Instagram, big brands started to create their account and yes they are getting a huge benefit from it.

Talking about business accounts and thereInstagram following, they are of many kinds, which definitely are getting benefits, but the most popular business accounts on Instagram are the beauty brands. Yes, its true beauty brands are getting the most beneficial response from Instagram which wasn’t possible on any other media. Well, there are reasons why they are preferring Instagram over other social media.

Number 1 social application:

Since, Instagram has became number one in social application among other social media applications. It’s obvious that more number of people is present on Instagram than other applications. As there are more people on Instagram it is easier for beauty brands to spread their content to the audience and more people will be able to see their content here. This is the major reason why beauty brands are preferring Instagram over a lot of other social media applications for their business.

Beauty bloggers/Influencers:

From last few years a new trend came into appearance which was beauty bloggers or influencers. Though they also are running their business but because of them. Beauty brands have got a big row of customers. Bloggers or influencer give their original opinion over the product and the subscriber who didn’t know about the product or was looking for such product or was confused whether to buy it or not find more ease when someone has gave it a try. This is how beauty brands get a row of customers. This is another reason why beauty brands are preferring Instagram over other social media applications.

Easier to connect with the people:

The other good reason why big or small beauty brands are choosing Instagram is it is easier for them to connect with their audience. Moreover, thereare some more benefits Instagram got for their business accounts. Due to the Instagram supper cool features like share, comments, like, hashtag chains, stories, repost etcetera. Beauty brands get more attention of people and so as people tend to know more stuff about the brands as well.

Moreover, there is more crazy stuff like choosing their favourite celebrity for makeup sessions or those small yet amazing tutorials and a lot of videos by people liking and spreading through other people by sharing is quiet a beneficial stuff for beauty brands. And there is no other wise choice for them to choose the leading Social media application for their business than any other.